Hints and Tips From the Bench

Here you will find hints and tips, such as felting needles, felting surfaces to some details of my projects.

It is my intention to add to these over time so do call back to check.

Felting Needles

Amazing little tools, felting needles, so many different ones. I thought you might like a little information on them. Sizes Sizes are catalogued by different gauges, lower the number the thicker the needle and  higher the number the smaller and finer the needle. The ones I’ve tried are 32 (for heavy fibres,)  to 46 (for… Continue reading Felting Needles

Needle Felting Surfaces

There are so many options and variations when it comes down to felting surfaces. The function… to protect your work area and your needles from damage. SPONGE OR FOAM: A good place to start on a sponge or foam block (I’ve even used a dishwashing sponge w hen desperate) it is probably the most common… Continue reading Needle Felting Surfaces

Perendale experiment video

ok an experimental video, to test out some video setups, and realtime needle felting perendale wool just to try out embedding video   (apologies not the most exciting viewing content 🤦‍♂️)  

Felted Pebbles Project

The felted pebbles I’ve eventually worked out the way (well my way) of creating the wool pebbles to make a decorative mat. This has been a project instigated to enhance a Victorian cast iron fireplace hearth, for my son. On deciding on a polyfibre batting core, I wanted the pebbles to have a soft centre… Continue reading Felted Pebbles Project

comments or questions? :)

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