Needle Felting

The Fennec’s

Amazing creatures fennec foxes, tiny, fast, such amazing ears and so photogenic. Their normal habitat is the Sahara desert

Heres a picture of a real one.

and a video from youtube of a young fennec fox, that helped me with the reference to make one.

A base sketch of the shape to help with the armature is always a good way to start.

So several hours later (actually lots of hours of the first one, lots of muttering too) and i could begin to see a little Fennec critter looking back at me.

and of course I couldn’t just stop at one.

2 thoughts on “The Fennec’s

  1. Your creatures feel incredibly alive, I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon your magical blog. Your work reminded me how much I love needle-felt myself, now to squeeze it in between drawing, animating and crocheting… The photo before last, where the little fox put its head on your hand gave me chills (the good kind) it looks so real… and cute 😀

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