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In the middle of the creative county of Staffordshire, in a house, theres a tiny room called Tangletopia this is where I sit, sculpt and sew, soft and cute critters. After a while the room became over run with these little cherubs. They begged me to find them new homes….

Tangletopia exists in a virtual world, in my imagination and a window online of course. Here I imagine my creatures and explore different techniques with fibres and sometimes other media. In reality it is a very small workroom that is constantly in a tangle, well I’ve heard that creatives are genetically programmed to be untidy and I’m happy with that explanation 😀

Don’t forget to have look in the menu “Hints & Tips from the Bench” here are a selection of my own thoughts, explorations, creative findings and tips, you may find useful.

Each if these characters are truly one of a kind, there are no patterns, just hours of love, and attention, Mostly using the technique of needle felting (dry felting). The details are enhanced with handmade eyes and colour shading. No two characters are the same, they all have their own personality.

There is nothing quite like giving or receiving an item that’s only purpose is to please, nothing can replace the first look on someone’s face when they first see and love it, for no particular reason other than it makes them smile.

I have always been visually creative, as well as having an almost obsessive need to make /create things. Whether that is a piece of art, illustration or other items from textiles or fibres. After years of teaching I decided to retire, well that didn’t last too long as my passion for creating has lead me to create special art pieces for others.

Please note that these needle felted animals are NOT suitable for a childs toy! They are intended for adult collectors only.

Irene Irving (Felt Visual)

Irene Irving © (All rights reserved)

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